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Meat Entrees

Siga Tibs.PNG

B1. Siga We't (Beef Stew)

Small cubes of marinated lean beef cooked in low heat with onions, berbere, garlic, ginger, and other exotic Ethiopian spices.

Siga Tibs.PNG

B2. Awaze Tibs ((Mild/Medium/Spicy))

Chopped lean beef marinated and cooked with onion, garlic, and other herbs and spices. Spicy.

Siga Tibs.PNG

B3. Kitfo

Chopped tender sirloin seasoned with mitmita and kibe, traditionally served raw, steak tartar style.

Siga Tibs.PNG

C1. Doro We't (A Festive Meal)

Hot and spicy stew prepared with Ethiopian spices. served the traditional way with hard-boiled eggs.

Siga Tibs.PNG

C2. Doro Tibs (Mild/Medium/Spicy)

Tender morsels of boneless chicken breast stir fried with garlic, ginger, and peppers.

Siga Tibs.PNG

C3. Doro Alicha

Tender pieces of curry chicken slow cooked in stew with potatoes (Mild)

Siga Tibs.PNG

F1. Assa Dulet

Spicy steamed cubed pieces of Tilapia with onions and Ethiopian seasoning. Add your choice of 1 veggie Side dish

Siga Tibs.PNG

F2. Assa T'ibs

Fresh cubed pieces of tilapia sauteed with onions, peppers, and Ethiopian seasoning. Add your choice of one veggie dish

Siga Tibs.PNG

F3. Fried Fish

Tilapia served with pickled peppers, onions, lemon zest and your choice of 1 veggie side dish

Siga Tibs.PNG

Meat Combination

Meat options available are only( B1, C1, or C3)
Your choice of 1 meat & 2 veggie dishes
for $25.50 / for 1
Your choice of 2 meat & 3 veggie dishes
for $49.50 / for 2
No substitutions of other meat dishes, please!

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